Vinařství Sádek, s.r.o.


Sádek winery

The vineyards in Sádek winery were founded by von Ing. Lubomír Lampíř PhD. and his family in the place of the original aristocratic vineyards about 30 years ago. The original aristocratic vineyards were established there in the 18th century. The total acreage of our vineyards is 4 hectares and nowadays we have at our disposal about 20,000 plants of grapevine. We grow especially fresh white wine as Irsai Oliver, Moravian Muscat (Muškát moravský), Müller Thurgay. We also focus on resistant cultivars, especially Merzling, Hibernal and Malverina which grow in about 50% of the vineyards.

Our wine is spicy, piquant with the typical acid and freshness because of longer vegetation period and also grape ripening. In spite of the fact the vineyards are a part of Znojmo wine-growing region and they are the only vineyards in Vysočina region. Besides the ideal location in the middle of the virgin nature we can also present a lot of unique projects. More about them in About us.

This information portal is a new matter for our winery and we have changed the look of the etiquettes at the individual sorts of wine as well. Jan Bartík who works here as a cellarman explains: ?We definitely prefer the quality in our production but we have also decided to make the wine etiquettes simpler?.

There is no better connection between a man and a region than delight of wine which is a part of this area and it is touched with the local sunshine. The wine from Sádek vineyards is special because of the quality of the extraordinary territory. We are also members of a prestige organization VOC Znojmo besides many other wine-growing memberships.

The philosophy and emphasis on the terroir presents the uniqueness of the individual vineyards and the excellence of the location which accompanies the origin of this wine. Anyway the terroir is the logical explanation why some wine from two vineyards situated next to themselves are different so much. The wine is influenced with either climatic and soil conditions for the certain region or the sea level, microclimate connected with changeable temperatures, rain, humidity, fog and wind, structure, elements of the soil as well as the quantity of the stones there and also the location, terrain, slant and orientation to the sun.

There are not the same vineyards which would be in the same terroir in spite of the similar location, area and with soil elements. The differences can be minimal but the wine character is also changed with the human activity ? done with care, kindness and diversity of all the world. Welcome in Sádek winery??