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Sádek vinery Vinařtsví Sádek s.r.o. supports:

FC Čáslavice-Sádek o.s.

FC Čáslavice-Sádek has been active since 90s. In the recent years it has become one of the most progressive amateur clubs in Vysočina. The club started to provide its official internet web sides before spring season 2009/2010. The club introduced its first symbol to the public and the fans and all the sport public was offered to be informed via official club newsletter which is handed over free of charge to all the visitors of the local matches Čáslavice ?Sádek. Sádek vinery is a general partner of the football club that is playing the top regional league in Vysočina.

Reconstruction of Lešenice church (Louny region)

It is one of few Romanesque churches where we can determine its foundation. The main part of it is a board in the church tower where there is written the tower was built in the time of Bertold ? monastery abbot and Křišťan - pastor and the number of the foundation is not readable so much but the literature speaks about the year 1162. Later Lenešice belonged to Doksany Premonstratensians and then to Postoloprty Benedictines.

and many others:

  • allowance to the reconstruction of the roof and church of St. Peter and Paul in Horní Újezd
  • allowance to the reconstruction of the church in Brno- Lesná
  • allowance to hospital in Třebíč
  • allowance to Masaryk institute of oncology
  • allowance to Traumatic hospital in Brno
  • allowance to the reconstruction of St. Martin church in Čáslavice
  • allowance to the reconstruction of St. John Baptist in Rokytnice nad Rokytnou